60,000 Miles Maintenance

60,000 Miles Maintenance

Elmhurst 60,000 Service

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How many times have you heard that your 60K service is the most important your car will have? Crescent Service Garage always tells this to our customers here in Elmhurst. Why? The 60K service is when nearly every single car on the road needs to have some vital components replaced due to the fact that time and ordinary wear and tear are taking their toll. Neglecting to do a 60K service can damage your car, cause it to not make another 60K, and jeopardize your safety.

The specific 60K service that your car needs varies depending on your manufacturer and model. Each manufacturer sets out what their car needs in the owners manual, so your Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Dodge and Jeep will all need a 60K service, but what it needs will be slightly different. Crescent Service Garage knows to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the cars in Elmhurst to perform their best.

The basic 60K services are:

  • Air and fuel filter replacement or cleaning.
  • New spark plugs.
  • Replacement of all belts, the timing belt may be able to wait until 75,000 miles.
  • Changing of all fluids.
  • An inspection of every line, hose, gear, suspension component and the exhaust system.

Keeping the cars of Elmhurst safe and lasting for many years is the goal of Crescent Service Garage. Coming to us for your 60K service is your chance to allow us to accomplish our goal. Your car is important to you, your safety is important to us. Book your 60K service today and we’ll meet our goals, keep you safe and allow your car the chance at a long life.