90,000 Miles Maintenance

90,000 Miles Maintenance

Elmhurst 90,000 Service


Crescent Service Garage serves the people of Elmhurst by doing the best 90K service work around. We are able to meet the requirements of many different manufacturers: Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Dodge, Jeep, BMW, Lexus and even more. Our ASE Certified Technicians have been trained specifically to work on the vehicles seen most often around Elmhurst, and a few of the rarer ones too. Their understanding of the 90K service is second to no one in our area.

Taking your car in for a 90K service is very important in the life of your car. It is at this time that many of the fluids and vital systems in your car need an overhaul. Crescent Service Garage knows that no car is able to avoid the inevitable damage caused by the wear and tear taken over 90,000 miles. Everyone has a different experience with their vehicle, bringing it into Crescent Service Garage is a great move as our technicians are able to recognize the patterns of wear and correct them during your 90K service. Many people in Elmhurst trust us to do their 90K service, you can join your friends and neighbors by coming to our shop.

Most cars have the same service needs at the 90K mark. Those will include:

  • inspecting all belts, hoses, lines
  • changing transmission fluids and making sure it has a tight seal
  • changing the oil and brake fluid
  • replacing brake pads and doing repair work
  • flushing out the A/C system
  • wheel and tire alignment

Doing a complete replacement of these parts is rare, especially if you have been coming to Crescent Service Garage for years. You will possibly need a partial replacement of some of these parts as the toll of 90,000 miles adds up! Call our support staff in Elmhurst now to book your 90K service at a convenient time for you.